About PavLyfe

The mission of PavLyfe is to Redefine Healthcare.
The concept of PavLyfe was created from our founder’s personality of always being driven to push the boundaries of life with the goal of creating a better world for tomorrow. PavLyfe’s area of focus is on developing and partnering with individuals and organizations that seek address complex healthcare issues, public health, and health infrastructure projects with innovative solutions.

PavLyfe Foundation

The PavLyfe Foundation is a non-profit organization that is focused on Redefining Healthcare.
The PavLyfe Foundation supports and funds public health efforts and healthcare infrastructure projects in at-risk communities around the world. Through various global partnerships our goal is to improve healthcare services and access all across the globe. Together we can all achieve great health for everyone. 

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For inquiries and questions on how to support the PavLyfe foundation, please contact us.

Pavan Lohia, Founder

Pavan Lohia, MPH is the Founder of PavLyfe, a healthcare brand and platform that is redefining healthcare through knowledge, innovation, and global engagement. But more than a founder, Mr. Lohia is a person who influences, persuades and works with top ranking people; whose opinion is highly sought after; and whose judgment is respected and trusted.

Through healthcare, Mr. Lohia works toward creating a better world every day. We see this all around us, in the longer lives that people are leading and in the greater comfort that we are finding. Yet, there is more that we can do. It is from this premise that Pavan Lohia, MPH, has created PavLyfe, a movement that is setting a new standard in healthcare and pushing the field forward beyond its perceived limits.

Drawing on his work as a researcher, lecturer, and thought leader, Pavan is carving out fresh paths for healthcare, putting forth evidence of what he believes it can mean to people. He has collaborated on healthcare research at the heights of the field, participating in projects related both to Covid-19 and the long-term health concerns of 9/11 World Trade Center workers. Now, he is putting his knowledge and insights to work for you

PavLyfe is a brand for those who have perceived the grand potential of healthcare and who want to see where else it can go. As a lecturer, panelist, and public speaker, he has devoted himself to educating, inspiring, and motivating a brighter world of healthcare – and you’re invited.

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