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Sexual Health & Gender Identity with Dr. Spring Cooper, PhD

Season 2, Episode 02

About Global Talks by PavLyfe

The surprising conversations in healthcare that give you an insider’s look to changemakers leading the way in redefining healthcare. In each episode, Public Health Expert & Host, Pavan Lohia, is joined by leading researchers, educators, thought leaders, and industry professionals to discuss and provide invaluable insight on healthcare and its various impacts around the globe. Global Talks by PavLyfe episodes bring together industries and people that are shaping healthcare in the 21st century.

Latest Episode

Season 2, Episode 02: Sexual Health & Gender Identity with Dr. Spring Cooper, PhD


In this episode of Global Talks by PavLyfe, listen to Dr. Spring Cooper, PhD discuss issues around Gender Identity & Sexual Health – the past, the present, the future. Dr. Spring Cooper is an Associate Professor at the City University of New York, Graduate School of Public Health and teaches Public Health. Dr. Cooper is also a host of the The Sex Wrap podcast (@thesexwrap), available on all streaming platforms and you can connect with her (@drspringc) on all social platforms.

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Meet The Host

Pavan Lohia, MPH

Pavan Lohia, MPH


Pavan Lohia is the Founder of PavLyfe, a healthcare brand and platform that is redefining healthcare through knowledge, innovation, and global engagement. But more than a founder, Mr. Lohia is a person who influences, persuades and works with top ranking people; whose opinion is highly sought after; and whose judgment is respected and trusted.
Mr. Lohia is actively working with thought leaders and high-ranking decision makers in healthcare and international public policy to put PavLyfe at the forefront of redefining healthcare. Mr. Lohia’s ultimate goal is to become a leader in global healthcare, by using his drive and untiring commitment to equal opportunity, health equity, and creating a better world for everyone around the world.

“When I harnessed my passion around public health, it led me to create PavLyfe”- Pavan Lohia

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