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by | Sep 25, 2019 | Knowledge Hub

Welcome to the PavLyfe Blog!

Let’s begin with why this platform is being created.

The concept of PavLyfe was created from Pavan’s personality of always being driven to push the boundaries of life and create a better world. Pavan’s dreams pushed him to transform PavLyfe into a global platform of knowledge and innovation that will redefine our future. The PavLyfe blog will be used to highlight topics in public health, business, politics, social issues, and other areas that people are most interested in. This blog is a space to create a dialogue and discuss ideas that get left behind in our ever-growing complex world.

In addition to weekly blog posts, there will be podcasts hosted by Pavan with leaders and experts across all industries who are helping to reshape the global landscape.

Truthfully, the world has many more issues that we often never hear about and this is where we want to bring these stories to light.

Please share and subscribe to PavLyfe’s Blog. Be sure to check out the next post and drop a comment/e-mail/DM if you have a story we need to cover or what you would like to see on this platform.



Written By Pavan L.

Sep 25, 2019

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